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Zarizar Technocracy

Created by TauCeti Deichmann
Download: Zarizar.zip
Size: 674 kb
USy Rating: 4
Version: 1.0

My review:

This is a well detailed fleet wth a good industrial feel to it. It has chugging smokey chimneys and mechanical details such as turbine blades and other widgets. The colours work well on this fleet, and ever image seems to have some interesting and original feature.

I'm not keen on the race portrait (always a weak area for races).

Production Notes:

TauCerti created the renderings. Rob Allen Beckwith designed the species, wrote the background text, and created the portrait.

The AI files are copied from the Amonkrie, with some minor modifications (they'll play like Amonkrie).

Escort Frigate Destroyer Light Cruiser
Cruiser Battle Cruiser Battleship Dreadnought
Light Carrier Carrier Heavy Carrier Colony Ship
Satellite Space Station Battle Station Starbase
Small Transport Medium Transport Large Transport Mine
Small Fighter Medium Fighter Large Fighter Fighter Group
Small Troop Medium Troop Large Troop Drone
Small Weap-plat. Medium Weap-plat. Large Weap-plat. Fleet
Satellite Group Mine Group Race Portrait Race Emblem


Excellent technology: Very dark, very foreboading. I like the weapons platforms especially. And look, the aliens are so CUTE! I wouldn't dare destroy a vessel full of those things! Well, mabye one...

Posted by: Tzryylon 5, 2005-12-17

Everything looks like someone just threw a magnet into a junk pile, and welded what came up! I was confused for a second there, until I realized that the fleet looks this way because MICE built it. Cute.

Posted by: Ccyl, 2005-12-21

.... an evil Space Hamster fleet ...? ROFLMAO! I love it!

Posted by: Pax, 2005-12-29

I think that the engine exhaust flames at the rear of each ship adds an air of size misinterpretation. I mean, in SE4, the hulls are measured in KT (kilotons), which means that the smallest unit available (15 K.T. Fighter) really weighs 1500 tons METRIC! Insane!

Posted by: Nacc'tah-galla, 2006-01-03

Actually, that's 15000 tons in metric. Also, the absolute smallest unit would be a mine.

Posted by: Obvious Octavious, 2006-01-04

Ahh, I just noticed. Great big pointy spikes on the mine. Perfect.

Posted by: Markavian, 2006-03-04

Lol, I'm going thru all the shipsets, none are neo standard. That sucks cuz all these shipsets are first class bad ass.

Posted by: Brad C., 2006-03-21

I agree with Brad C., but HEY... this site is a PG ground. Let's stay it that way, why don't we?

Posted by: Zhishreggavax, 2006-04-18

PG? Hmm... Nice shipset, like space pirates who use whatever they can get... desperate berzerkers comes to mind, eh?

Posted by: Egos IV, 2006-06-10

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