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Test Subject Gamma

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Platform Status and Link Information
Android APK File This is a debug build, will need special permissions to install on a device
Flash Web version Available through this website
Windows Zip File Download and unzip


Mouse, Click and Drag Employees around between rooms to begin experiments.


Produced in 48 hours over the weekend of December 16th-17th, 2012.


Competion rules - all artwork, sound, and music were created by myself using publicly available tools.

Many thanks to the respective authors and companies behind the software:

Tools Technologies
Music Audacity, I only had time to make a beep.
Sound Effects Beeeeep.
Graphics Paint Shop Pro 7, Flash CS5
Compiler / Language Haxe + NME
IDE FlashDevelop
Operating systems Windows 8 PC, Windows 7 Laptops

Full source available on Github.


Special thanks to my gorgeous girlfriend (at the time) for putting up with, and looking after me this weekend. Also a timid (sorry) to the party-goers who I missed in Manchester! (hope you guys had a great time)


Some screenshots of the game:

Game Start