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Map: Girderled - 308 msallen

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Submitted by: msallen - 2009-03-23

Looks like the new OSX PPC version swaps some colors...

red = blue
turquoise = yellow
brown = aqua

Map: Ripelance - 203 msallen

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Submitted by: msallen - 2008-09-04

Yup. I just removed all the upward ramps, smoothed off the top, and build walls around it. I describe it in the 203 POI.

Map: Finderinked - 1063 Leerok the Lacerta

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Submitted by: msallen - 2008-01-05

Just an FYI. I am a DF linux player as well, and I have problems occasionally with the maps having gaps in them. It only happens if I context switch (change desktops, start WoW, sometimes browse the web) while the dwarfort process is exporting. I generally start the export and then leave the computer alone and go get a beer and a snack while it completes. That seems to have fixed my problem.

Map: Waytin - 1057 msallen

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Submitted by: msallen - 2008-01-03

Yeah, I know I'm still just learning the game so I don't feel like I have to make things too complicated. But it is nice to get some of the basics of engineering and indoor farming down. Now that I have finally let go of the fact that my dwarves will die, and over half of my dwarves will be idle, its much more fun.

Oh, and windows are on the way. I've also never done any of the furnace related construction, so thats my next step.

Map: Wandertower - 1065 msallen

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Submitted by: msallen - 2007-08-31

No, for some reason the pathing algorithm rarely leads dwarves into the channels and it was much easier to flood than other versions I've made. I think because dwarves are only interested in getting outside and then back across the bridge. In the next map you'll see I flooded it so I could build the bridges across it. One dwarf got caught in that flood, but he managed to stagger out onto dry land. Hopefully when I flood it for good everyone will live.

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