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Fortress: Strongrampart LazyLoneLion

Topmost water reservoir

water reservoir for waterfalls and irrigations. Filled by windmill-powered pumps.

Submitted by: LazyLoneLion - 2011-06-25

Meeting point

Open-air meeting-point. With open-air wood-pile and stinky remains-pile.

Open-air part is surrounded by channels, walls (and/or fortifications) to protect from enemy archers.

Submitted by: LazyLoneLion - 2011-06-25

Defence tower

Tower dominating over map -- goblins were shooting from mountains and I didn't liked that.

Submitted by: LazyLoneLion - 2011-06-25

Main Entrance

Entrance for lovely goblins. Maze with channel and marksmen behind fortifications.

In a peaceful time there is shortcut bridge over channels (now raised).

In a very dangerous time the entrance could be closed by drawbridges.

Submitted by: LazyLoneLion - 2011-06-25

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