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Fortress: Deepwall Noble Digger

Entry Trap

A complex trap that can crush a whole army while they move through the snaking tunnels. Look above and see the suspended walkway that can be dropped to smash these tunnels.

Submitted by: Noble Digger - 2019-01-30

Great Hall

Bedrooms, food and furniture storage, 4 temples, and the path leading down to the founders' canton.

Submitted by: Noble Digger - 2019-01-30

Fortress: Mythgears juice

Serpent's Quarry

Submitted by: Noble Digger - 2019-01-30

Fortress: Bogmoistness apparentbliss

Cavern Threshold

A few troglodytes have already wandered into the traps, but what I'd really like is a breeding pair of cave crocodiles. I should probably close the drawbridge to keep my weaver from wandering down and gathering (small) cave spider silk.

Submitted by: apparentbliss - 2019-01-03

Magma Acquisition

Gotta have my magma. In yet another cheat-y move, iron minecarts are garbage-dumped onto this square, lava is pumped in to fill it then drained via the pump a level above into an evaporation chamber, and the minecarts full of lava and wheelbarrowed back up to the main Z-level to get tilted into custom-made heat ditches for the workshops.

Submitted by: apparentbliss - 2019-01-03

Farming Plots

Underground plants to the left, "above ground" plants to the right. Currently growing whip vine, hemp, and rope reed on the overworld plots.

With a Legendary Grower and enough meals and drink to last a long time already, I'm considering muddying some soil and consolidating the farms onto the main Z-level (in a somewhat smaller plot), but the thought of trenching out a pit for the overground plants is holding me back thus far.

Submitted by: apparentbliss - 2019-01-03

Overbuilt Dining Room

Clearly much larger than it needs to be. I'm considering changing it to a tavern but I'm not sure I want that much FUN in my life.

Submitted by: apparentbliss - 2019-01-03

Single Z-Level

Except for the farms, everything relevant is on a single z-level.

Submitted by: apparentbliss - 2019-01-03

Housing Warrens

I'm not thrilled with how these integrate with the "crinkly" edges of the rest of the fort, so this might change up.

Submitted by: apparentbliss - 2019-01-03

Temple Expansion

We are currently extending our one-room ecumenical temple out to a full complex, with devoted areas for each devotion.

Submitted by: apparentbliss - 2019-01-03

Metal Stocks

I use quantum stockpiles for convenience and FPS considerations. This area holds metal ores, bars, and products.

Submitted by: apparentbliss - 2019-01-03

Fortress: Bogmoistness apparentbliss


Here we begin.

Submitted by: apparentbliss - 2018-12-18

Fortress: Desert-City of Glades Fleeting Frames

Unreveeled cavern trap

Using road-dar, I know there is cavern pathways underneath. Using downstairs, I create a direct path between two points - and lace it with cage traps and doors to trap FBs for a zoo.

Already caught one bugbat, but this is less effective than I hoped: only caught one bugbat. Perhaps I need bait chained on top.

Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2018-07-29

Aquifer above, seeking some alabaster

From the prospect I know, above the magnetite cluster there is aquifer bottom, gypsum and alabaster.

Why alabaster? Well, one of the dudes who died to zombies liked it, and I want to create statue and slab with it.

However, this necessiates some setup. I plan to use 2z portable drain, as well as door and hatch linked to a lever.

Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2018-07-29

Glade in canyon

Here shall be my first tree glade; mainly for terrifying tropical grassland. As you might guess, I plan on lowering it another z-level - into the aquifer, with initial breach done via diagonal chickenruns, and then just successive downstair-upstair digging.

Unexpectedly, being novice swimmer came in handy for the miner.

Beyond other tropical fruit trees it will also host desert limes, unlike other biomes in the fortress. More importantly, it will host tropical grassland uniques such as cowpea and teff, as well as four wheats, flax, sorghum. For this purpose, there are 3 pillars remaining undug, providing soil support for all but 6 of the 236 tiles combined with the edges. Across 3 z-levels, that's 708 tiles.

Of course, being so conveniently placed, it will likely come to host all manner of other tropical stuff - likely near all but dry broadleaf exclusive buckwheat, tomato and forest-exclusive mango.

Still, obsidian-casting the trees will have to wait for now: Insufficient trees. Well, I can still make bridge platforms ahead of time.

Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2018-07-29

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