Wheelauthors - Waterfall - 217 Mid Spring by askovdk

Map Description:

The king has arrived!
That is the first king I've ever had :-)

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Submitted by: Caranha - 2012-06-24 to 212 Mid Autumn

This is an awesome map all around! How many years old is this fort?

I really like your "trash shute + recycling center" idea, I think I will try to do something similar on my fort.

Submitted by: LazyLoneLion - 2012-08-13 to 215 Early Spring

Could you, please, explain your mine cart stack in more detail?
What's its purpose? To carry dwarves from top to bottom and back again? Or it has more stops inbetween?

Is there one cart on every rail only, or is there few carts? Do dwarves have to wait for cart (and for long)?

How faster is your railway than walking?

I'd like to use minecarts myself. :)

Submitted by: LazyLoneLion - 2012-08-13 to 215 Early Spring

I've used dump shuft for delivering ore down 200 levels. Just dumping that into hollow and reclaiming them down at forges.

So, bringing ore DOWN was no problem.
But bringing goods up still is a problem. And bringing dwarves up and down.

So, I am curious about carts. :)

Submitted by: askovdk - 2012-12-22 to 217 Mid Spring

A very late reply to LLL.
The main purpose is was to see if it could work. :-)
It has only been used for moving metal bars and marble down to the magna forges, i.e. a free fall shaft would have been a lot easier and effiecient.
The plan was to use it to move gold furniture up from the magna forge, but I haven't bothered to set it up yet.

Submitted by: askovdk - 2012-12-22 to 217 Mid Spring

The railway is alot faster than walking, and there is no real wait time. My game runs at about 30 FPS, and a round trip takes about 10 seconds.

I always only use a single cart on each track. (Most of my former cart related deaths has been due to a stranded cart that a dwarf went to pick up, - and was hit by another cart.)

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