Savagelabors - 57 Mid Spring by goddosupido

Map Description:

Well, my first real fortress of 0.40.x.
I have tried to design a more vertical layout, with different moods for each floors.

The fortress is 7 years old and has around 75 dwarves (limited in init files).
Tileset and graphics set (creatures seem strange with the compression) : Coaldiamond with a few customizations.

Point of Interest: Public Floor

This is the public floor of Savagelabors.
You can find the office of the first baronness (one of the 5 survivors of the terrible tantrum spiral of 53/54) as well as the mayor's office, next to the dining hall. The entrance bridge lever is also here. The hospital is on the south-east part. - goddosupido

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Submitted by: Tharis - 2014-09-08 to 57 Mid Spring

The room layouts look very irregular. How do you do that?

Submitted by: ajr_ - 2014-09-09 to 57 Mid Spring

I like the idea to really use mined out ore veins as corridors
also do you know the digv command in dfhack that comes with the new starter pack 0.40.x?

Submitted by: goddosupido - 2014-09-14 to 57 Mid Spring

Yes i used digv for some rooms/corridors. But also random designations with the mouse, turned out to be pleasing imho.

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