Parchedwheel - 501 Mid Spring by mounf

Map Description:

Returning to DF to try out the 2014 version, also my first attempt at an aquifer...

After 1 year and the huge quantaties of wood available in DF 2014 and lack of access to the layers below the aquifer has resulted in a rather roughly built wooden fortress. Most of the occupants are busy shifting wood around to the building sites.

Dropping a block of earth into the aquifer has let the Dwarfs through into rock, so far we have iron, coal, gold, sand and fire clay and everything is looking promissing.

Point of Interest: Surface Compound

The main compound is constructed from the limitless supply of wood DF02014 provides. The large hole is the location of the cave in used to pierce the aquifer and will be the surface entrance to the fort. - mounf

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Submitted by: Taupe - 2015-07-31 to 501 Mid Spring

Dat spiral staircase...

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