Coppercombat-poundland - 200 Mid Summer by rainChu

Map Description:

(I've started a new fortress, and just for fun, I figured I'd post maps as it progresses.)

Coppercombat, was founded in spring of the year 200. We, seven of the most robust dwarves, outcasts from our society, were selected to expand the limits of our great civilization!

We have selected a suitable location for the fortress entrance, in the top of the tallest hill, and carved a room out of the rocky face of the mountain. There is no suitable soil for a large plot of farmland, so we've sent a bucket brigade to irrigate a small patch of rock. The miners have been incredibly restless, and are soon to be tasked with carving a large plot of land under the stream.

By late spring, a small gang of leopard men and women began to hassle the poor bovines who brought us here. We have elected the jeweler and the useless fish cleaner to chase them off. Urist Woodcutter wouldn't relinquish his axe, though he was off duty, and the two poor souls had to do the job empty-handed. By the time they returned to the safety of the fortress, the Jeweler had a broken ankle, hip, and wrist. The expedition leader did what he could to stitch him up, with what limited supplies we had, but he's going to be wearing that crutch for a while.

Point of Interest: Fortress entrance

The entrance of the fort - rainChu

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Submitted by: Tharis - 2016-02-27 to 200 Mid Summer

Well, that's an auspicious start.

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