Whisperquakes - 255 Mid Summer by serge_levin

Map Description:

150+ z-levels impulse ramp based magma transfer system is the brilliant of the fortress.

Point of Interest: Main hall

Main hall is surrounded with food production facilities, stockpiles and fortress control rooms.

Righthand room has 4 levers connected to bridges sealing caissons in magma reservoir.
Lefthand room has several groups of levers controlling different equipment -
Top-left group of 4 controls drawbridges sealing the entrance. As far as fortress is under the siege, passage between trade depot and main staircase is sealed.
Bottom-left group of 7 controls upper and lower water supply.
Group of 3 levers on the right are used to control power distribution system - cart rollers, magma pump and magma drainage bridge can be controlled independantly.
Bottom-right group of 2 controls either edge of main water reservoir located on the left-hand side of this map level. - serge_levin

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Submitted by: Tharis - 2016-09-01 to 255 Mid Summer

I really like that bedroom layout.

Submitted by: serge_levin - 2016-09-02 to 255 Mid Summer

the bedroom layout is really nice. Two bedroom zones are in use, one is designated and not dug out yet (wall to designation left untouched by intent)

Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2016-09-03 to 255 Mid Summer

"That is because I do not like mayors."


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