Rivergears (enhanced viewmode) - 1054 Early Spring by Markavian

Map Description:

Ignoring the contents of this map, look at the new buttons that have appeared- allowing you to toggle between different render modes. There are three render modes now: bitmap, Fg/Bg and BnW. Also, there is a button for making the map go fullscreen, making the viewer use up your entire screen.

- Bitmap is your standard, bitmap view, based on the image you encoded.
- Fg/Bg is foreground/background mode, where tiles get rendered by their IDed colours; behind this is a tile index to the character map (curses) file.
- BnW is black and white mode. So its lame at the moment, and isn't in black and white, but its meant to show filled and not-filled tiles- very useful for say, a 3D viewer somewhere down the line... ?

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Submitted by: DDouble - 2007-12-24 to 1054 Early Spring

I don't really understand bitmap view. It doesn't seem to display anything other than doors, cliff walls, and some water.

The 3 modes are really neat though, I LOVE b/w mode. Very pretty! It's like stained glass.

Also, I've been using this tileset exclusively since seeing it on here, it is definitely the best looking one out there.

Submitted by: Markavian` - 2007-12-24 to 1054 Early Spring

Hey DDouble, the button modes are a bit out, so what looked to be bitmap was BnW, and BnW looked like Fg/Bg (the mosaic view). The buttons were displaying the name of the next mode round. I've updated it to have separate tab buttons now.

If you like my tileset, have you seen the 12x12 Graphic version using icons from Sphr's set? You can find it on the wiki from the List of user graphic sets.

Submitted by: DDouble - 2007-12-25 to 1054 Early Spring

I don't like using the graphic tilesets, I can't tell who is what unless I see their simple colors (like white for masons, not some dude with a 3 pixel tool). It's still very nice looking though.

Also, the buttons make more sense now. Fullscreen mode is really nice, I wish we could PLAY DF in fullscreen like that!

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-05-31 - Removed

Viewer Controls


SHIFT + Key doubles keyboard scroll rate.


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You can download the compressed map file: Rivergears-region1c-1054-7-fdf-map-2.fdf-map but you will need the .NET version of SL's DF Map Compressor to convert to the .PNG image format.