Finderinked - 1063 Early Autumn by Leerok the Lacerta

Map Description:

Note: This is the upper part of the fortress.

This fortress was founded in 1051 with seven dwarves. In its early stages, a defence perimeter was built in order to keep out interlopers. It has endured several goblin sieges successfully, only one of them having penetrated the defences. This has caused a large accumulation of clothing and iron objects near the entrance, which are steadily being collected as trade goods.

Elves are shunned, since the wood demands of this fortress are great. When their traders arrive, the trade depot is destroyed in protest.

Humans and dwarves are welcomed for their superior goods and tolerance for our lifestyle.

A small glass tower is present and makes the interior of the fortress flood-proof. Water towers are planned near the entrance, along with water traps.

If the elves ever cross us, they will find more than they bargained for.

The saved game is here:

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Submitted by: leerok - 2008-01-04 to 1063 Early Summer

Oops, it looks like Dwarf Fortress doesn't like exporting in Linux. I'll reupload the map when I get to a Windows machine.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-01-04 to 1063 Early Summer

It got a couple of layers ok, (the top ones) did you run out of harddrive space? That's the usual reason for empty bitmaps.

Submitted by: leerok - 2008-01-04 to 1063 Early Autumn

Plenty of hard drive space, several gigabytes free. Oh well.

Submitted by: Markavian` - 2008-01-04 to 1063 Early Autumn

I say... a 'small' glass tower? Not green glass either... and the 'ecomonies of scale' comes into play as you move down through the fort. It looks like a huge undertaking. Does that wall across the east side of the map actually work? I didn't think caravans were that predictable any more x.x

Submitted by: leerok - 2008-01-04 to 1063 Early Autumn

And what is this spam check A?

Submitted by: leerok - 2008-01-04 to 1063 Early Autumn

The long wall on the east side is quite effective at keeping out sieges, if that's what you mean. The slight indent filled with traps is also quite effective at trapping megabeasts while grinding up many of the invaders.

I'm thinking of slowly replacing them with weapon traps, though, since handling prisoners is a bit of a pain.

And what about the caravans being predictable?

Submitted by: leerok - 2008-01-04 to 1063 Early Autumn

Must have been the word "tiny".

The tiny ramped wall doesn't really do anything yet. I'm trying to think of a way to drain it before I seal it up.

Here's an archive of every year that has passed:

I just noticed something: There are 7 comments for this map series, last post 1969-12-31

[Message edited on 2008/01/04 at 08:58 by leerok]

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-01-05 to 1063 Early Autumn

Thanks leerok, fixed that mistake with the dates. Last comment, 26 hours ago? That sounds about right. Ooops.

Spam check A is for keeping spam out, try to be more concice with what you say, sorry if its prevented you from posting, but its been a big help for cleaning up spam on the site.

I suppose on my map, Rivergears, most the caravans and migrants arrive from the east because the map is sited on the east side of the world, but they always appear from different points along that eastern edge. Once they arrived from the south... I guess I've felt its always too much (wasted) effort to build long walls like that.

Submitted by: leerok - 2008-01-05 to 1063 Early Autumn

Wasted effort? On the contrary! Without this long wall, I would have needed to spread my efforts among all the entrances. With two entrances, that would have been twice the effort for the same defences, and it makes any mustering of mobile forces much less effective.

Also, the human caravan is perfectly predictable, since they must arrive from the same point every season.

Submitted by: msallen - 2008-01-05 to 1063 Early Autumn

Just an FYI. I am a DF linux player as well, and I have problems occasionally with the maps having gaps in them. It only happens if I context switch (change desktops, start WoW, sometimes browse the web) while the dwarfort process is exporting. I generally start the export and then leave the computer alone and go get a beer and a snack while it completes. That seems to have fixed my problem.

Submitted by: leerok - 2008-01-19 to 1073 Early Autumn

Hey msallen, that tip helped a lot, thanks!

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