Waytin - 1059 Early Spring by msallen

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Another relatively uneventful year has passed. As much as I love obsessively improving my fortress, I would love for some adversity to come my way. Maybe a little goblin raid or a siege or something. I feel like I am ready, although I probably am not.

My main accomplishment, which is obvious from the map, is the construction of outdoor fortifications to protect my little dwarves. Actually, I built them to use up blocks, but don't tell the dwarves that. The walls and towers I've constructed completely enclose the entrance to my underground complex. I've also begun construction of a moat to protect my fortress. Curiously, it wasn't full when winter arrived, but after the ice froze it was full to 7/7. Is this normal?

When Markavian demanded the construction of windows, I tried to begin immediately. Unfortunately, I had no idea how many workshops it would take to construct clear glass. Right now my glass industry contains a glass furnace and a kiln in the courtyard and a furnace and ashery indoors. It took me a while to figure this all out. I have, hopefully to his satisfaction, produced a few windows that I plan on installing soon ;)

I elected a mayor a while back. She may also be the sherrif... I can't tell. I built her apartments in the top floor of my outdoor tower, but just now build all of the stuff she was asking for like chests and dining areas. I also got a dungeon master recently, who I am housing in the basement of the same tower. They are both almost completely supplied now, although their dining rooms, offices, and bedrooms all overlap completely.

My dungeon master is requesting a burial plot, which I am trying to accommodate. Hell, I've had some strange mood dwarves die and I didn't bury them. I just left them outdoors until the wolves got them. I've decided to build a grand, multi-level entrance to these burial chambers. Engraved floor to ceiling, this 6 story, columned shaft will be the dwarves entrance to the afterlife.

Finally, I did do some significant improvements to the kitchens. First, I finished my indoor farming system and have been running a sturdy plump helmet production there. I was able to completely halt any outdoor farming when I put these in place. Also, I was having miasma problems, so I put all the workshops that generate it into their own isolated rooms. If I could just clear all the stones out of here, I would be a happy camper. But my stupid dwarves never seem to clear the stones I want them to... no matter where I build the masonry shops.

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-01-03 to 1057 Early Spring

Looks like a good start so far. We set our own challenges in the game, and I think for new players, the least of their worries should be farming. There seem to be less dangerous places to start in, access to outside areas seems unrestricted so far. Your plans look good, I'm hopeful they will turn out well.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-01-03 to 1058 Early Spring

Liking the dorm towers ^_^, very neat and tidy. Good layout. No windows?

Submitted by: msallen - 2008-01-03 to 1057 Early Spring

Yeah, I know I'm still just learning the game so I don't feel like I have to make things too complicated. But it is nice to get some of the basics of engineering and indoor farming down. Now that I have finally let go of the fact that my dwarves will die, and over half of my dwarves will be idle, its much more fun.

Oh, and windows are on the way. I've also never done any of the furnace related construction, so thats my next step.

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