Minewealth - 1055 Early Summer by OHakubi

Map Description:

My first "seriously serious (for real this time)" fortress. The name was randomly generated, I think, but regardless it turned out to be a good omen: Plenty of gold and tetrahedrite with the odd bit of aluminum, all stuck in a huge chunk of obsidian. Not a lick of iron, but when you have about a hundred traps outside of the "undefended" entrance and an army of dwarves armed with macuahuitls things like that seem pretty minor in comparison.

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-01-23 to 1055 Early Summer

Wow, great detail. I didn't think much from the surface, but as I followed your PoIs deeper into the ground i was stunned by the scale and attention put into the design.

Submitted by: guardianelm - 2008-02-08 to 1055 Early Summer

Nice... I like the strip mine.

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