Fetidlies - 1051 Mid Winter by Smaug Capello

Map Description:

Fetidlies at the end of the first year.
Good stocks of prepared food, living quarters complete, but big issues with bags, seeds and beak dogs sitting at the gates, thus impending us from completing a shooting plateform on top of the entrance.

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Submitted by: Zironic - 2008-02-20 to 1051 Mid Winter

The map looks bleaker and bleaker as the year goes on.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-02-20 to 1051 Mid Winter

Quick, forge more bolts, we're out of ammo!

Submitted by: Smaug Capello - 2008-02-21 to 1051 Mid Winter

Is there a pun intended with beak ? The "beaker" moment of the year was summer after the dog attack, when there were only four dwarves left.

The unexpected immigrant wave before automn was a huge relief and boosted morale.

It's a pity you cannot make sharp glass bolts.

Submitted by: Bogdanov - 2008-03-08 to 1053 Late Spring

Dead Elves merchants, right after i lifted the remotely controlled bridge... One went berserk and killed the whole caravan (including the animals whose bones they won't buy back cuz i'm a "low race murderer".. damn elves)

Dead dwarves just above the entrance of the fort, a harpy raid got rid of a few useless immigrants...

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