Constructleaders - 1052 Early Spring by msallen

Map Description:

I've played a number of short games since my last map, and I am now feeling much more comfortable with training an army, dealing with loose stone, farming, etc. I've also learned that I enjoy the game a lot more if I have a challenging map with some threats on it. This map isn't the most threatening I've played on, but it is respectable. I had to deal with some initial problems with batmen, who flew out of the chasm and were harassing my dwarves. There are also some giant cave swallows that have not noticed my dwarve, but I am sure will eventually become a problem. Finally, I recently had a werewolf wandering around the western edge of my map. So hopefully this will pose some challenges to me in addition to clearing out the chasm.

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Submitted by: msallen - 2008-03-07 - Removed

Submitted by: Markavian` - 2008-03-26 to 1053 Mid Autumn

Damn sneaky gobos, stealing your food! Killing your dwarves!

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