Constructleaders - 1053 Mid Autumn by msallen

Map Description:

The death of constructleaders!

My most aggressive map so far has resulted in my defeat, but in the DF spirit I say losing is fun. I built a reasonably successful military that was able to handle goblin ambushes and foul blendec packs with moderate efficiency. I was losing maybe 6-10 dwarf per-year to attacks, and my ass was saved by traders at the depot more than once. Still, I feel like I done good.

In the end, it was a heavy season of goblin ambushes that got me: a pair of ambushers (melee and ranged) followed by a goblin bowman ambush at my gates. I had turtled in my fort successfully (in true dwarven spirt) and only lost a hunter and his pet cow when they hit. Those pesky gobos never came at my fort, which would have taken them quite successfully. So I marshalled my troops and routed them. My attack was undermined by my lead marksman became eager for some of the dead hunters gear, which caused a confused and hurried two prong attack. I killed 5 or 6 gobo, lost 2-3 more dwarves, and then they retreated.

Just as I was stated treating the wounded, taking the military off-duty, and cleaning up the mess, the last ambush hit me right at my gates. They chewed through my poor little dwarves carrying their wounded and dead dwarfkin back to the fort. And then they climbed down into my kitchens and started running amok.

Good-bye Constructleader, I barely knew ye!

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Submitted by: msallen - 2008-03-07 - Removed

Submitted by: Markavian` - 2008-03-26 to 1053 Mid Autumn

Damn sneaky gobos, stealing your food! Killing your dwarves!

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