Ice Fortress - 1069 Mid Spring by skatc

Map Description:

Far in the arctic wasteland, sheltered from the constant snowstorms, Mountainhome Uzolemal is home to King Dishmabbufut, 200 stout dwarves, and several dozen rhesus macaques.

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Submitted by: Anymouse - 2008-04-16 to 1069 Mid Spring

How did you manage to farm on ice? I started an ice fortress, and haven't figured it out yet.

Submitted by: skatc - 2008-04-17 to 1069 Mid Spring

I was lucky and had patches of sand here and there on the first few floors, making farming easy. I never tried farming aboveground, although there seemed to be plenty of plants for my gatherers to collect out there which I could presumably have grown.

Submitted by: skatc - 2008-04-17 to 1069 Mid Spring

I abandoned this fortress and came back in adventure mode to take a better look at the engravings. There were no sign of the dwarves, just dead dogs and horses everywhere. I managed to loot coins, crafts and a legendary copper shoe, then wandered down to the zoo. The small cages with fireflies and lizards were still intact, but the gobbos and colossus were gone. I turned back out to the halls and just a few steps later I got a message that I was speaking to a bronze colossus (the one from the zoo??). It didn't seem to have much to say; the chat ended and he ran up from behind me. My adventurer had time to throw the legendary shoe at it in a vain attempt to distract it, before the colossus broke both her arms and rammed her skull down into her chest. I guess the ice fortress has a guardian...

Submitted by: Anymouse - 2008-04-18 to 1069 Mid Spring

Damn, an unchained colossus wandering around in an abandoned ice fortress deep in an arctic wasteland is a pretty cool image. I gotta try adventure mode sometime.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-04-19 to 1069 Mid Spring

Woah, its so pretty... all that blueness x.x

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