Crystalumbra - 1059 Early Winter by Mister Six

Map Description:

Crystalumbra was the random name, but it fits reasonably well. After having no sand at all on my last fort, and thus no glass, I decided to make sure I had sand on this map. Additionally, I used regional prospector to find a spot with some magma. It ended up being a magma pool, and I used a quick reveal to figure out where it was (but then I went back to an unrevealed save as revealed maps look crap).

Unfortunately I think that the filling of a magma chamber (to put magma shops over) caused enough suction to pull in a magma man. I'll be equipping a dwarf with a crossbow and some bolts before I attempt to channel out the holes for the shops, in case the magma man decides to cause trouble.

The area is a wetland (I forget if it's a swamp or marsh), a biome I have not played in before. It's a nice environment, although I've seen both an alligator and a saltwater crocodile running around (at speeds seemingly un-reptile-like, but oh well). The alligator turned up deceased on the unit list; I can only assume the recent caravan's guards took care of it. Also spotted: the dreaded jaguar, foe of primates across the new world. Dwarves are primates, right?

Point of Interest: Entry Corridor

Currently short and untrapped, but can easily be extended and filled with cage or obsidian sword weapon traps. - Mister Six

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Submitted by: Wyrframe - 2008-06-13 to 1062 Late Summer

I like the start on your skylights, and the rooftop barracks. I've been using similar designs on an island fortress, although my (incomplete; one more winter to go) dining hall is glass all around; floor, walls, and ceiling. What makes it nifty is that the walls and entire floor look into the lake.

Thank goodness hailstorms don't exist, 'cause if they are as mean as the carp are, they'd bust that little ballroom right open.

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