Bloodrock - 1058 Mid Winter by DF newb

Map Description:

The succession fortress Bloodrock near the end of the eighth year.

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Submitted by: Grand Inquisitor Umiman - 2008-08-30 to 1058 Mid Winter

Everything was smoothed according to directive 2264-A11. Symmetry in design for faster and more effective working conditions. This includes the jail and slums.

According to directive 92-A11, prisoners, should there be any alive, shall be dealt with not with crude methods such as inhospitable living conditions, but shall be reconditioned and indoctrinated to serve the cause. Those that fail these conditions will be executed as an example.

Efficiency is all that matters. Fear is an efficient tool of management.

Submitted by: NoctisVampire - 2008-09-01 to 1058 Mid Winter

Perhaps you should make the fortress as terrifying as possible in order to increse work efficiency (like equipping your hammerer with an ☼Adamantrine War Hammer☼ somehow).
And what about a sacrificial altar dedicated to Armok?

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