Ripelance - 205 Early Spring by msallen

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Well, I was worried my map was too easy, but I guess I shouldn't have. I'm not sure if this was due to my increased production of valuable goods or my brazen attitude about hunting and out-of-fort construction, but my 3rd year saw 9 separate ambushes. Which, frankly, was awesome. I dealt with all of them quickly and efficiently, with only 1 military loss total and only 4-5 losses due to civilians being caught in the ambush. Unfortunately, I think the deaths slowed down my immigration. However, they dramatically sped up the training of my archers! Otherwise, I've just been improving my infrastructure like barracks, building plenty of arms and weapons, and trying to clear out all the stone. Ugh, stone management FTL.

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Submitted by: Dakira - 2008-09-04 to 204 Early Spring

It looks like your surface fort was just a carved out peak.

Submitted by: msallen - 2008-09-04 to 203 Early Spring

Yup. I just removed all the upward ramps, smoothed off the top, and build walls around it. I describe it in the 203 POI.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-09-12 to 205 Early Spring

I see roads

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