Stakemetal - 6 Mid Autumn by Goldsie @ EchoP

Map Description:

After defeating a siege from the 'Terrifying Goblins' of Badmoon the Dwarfs of Stakemetal got cocky and declared war on the 'Doombringier Goblins' of Hells Pass thinking it would be no challenge. How very wrong they were.

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Point of Interest: Heroic Defence

The Champions of Stakemetal mustered themselves here to defend the gate from the goblin menace, sheltered from the majority of the fireball attacks they were able to hold the line, losing many of their number but repeling the first wave. The defence was finally undone by desertion from the greatest and most esteemed member of the millitary, EchoP abandoned his post in order to eat! and with his infinite wisdom took his entire squad with him. The remaining defenders forght valiently until EchoP returned, but by this time half the military was dead and the rest wounded and severly outnumbered. EchoP's squad was quickly surrounded and although they did fight valiently it was too late. In a last ditch attempt the entire fortress was drafted and sent forward to try and swap the forts assailents. The attempt failed miserably any the remants of the fort were pursued back into the mines with no chance of escape. - Goldsie

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Submitted by: banna - 2008-09-28 to 6 Mid Autumn

Better goblins would never harm a child!

Course I've been wrong.

Submitted by: Axe27 - 2008-09-28 to 6 Mid Autumn

Wow, so much death, that you had blood following down the stairs.


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