Townmatched - 335 Mid Summer by Ivefan

Map Description:

Updated version of the Golden tower.
Created wealth 40028622
Architecture 825934
Furniture 2035574

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Submitted by: Ivefan - 2008-10-02 to 334 Mid Summer

Goddamn this took long time, I tried to wait for the lava to fill up but after having DF on for two days and just unpausing it, it still hadn't filled more than 4 levels of the moat.
I intend to construct magma buildings on the bottom floor, The barely started Dining hall is going to have marble tables encrusted with 20+ valued gems and so shall the obsidian chairs. The residences shall be above ground to prevent any adaptions.
Although it wasn't intended to be temporary when i started the map, I intend to remake the area south of the tower into catacombs.

Submitted by: Erathoniel - 2008-10-02 to 334 Mid Summer

Very impressive. This is one of the most valuable fortresses I've seen, and it's sure huge. Ever had any huge battles?

Submitted by: Ivefan - 2008-10-03 to 334 Mid Summer

If you disregard the HFS (one demon and some fire guys) I haven't i turned invaders of to be able to leave the game running to fill the moat but i dont think many gobs vill survive the bolt barrage when trying to get past the guardhouse

Submitted by: Erathoniel - 2008-10-03 to 334 Mid Summer

I don't think you'd have to worry too much about sieges. Worst come to worst, just retract the bridges (or close gates, or whatnot), and you won't have any problem. Of course, my strategy doesn't always work, because I tend to build on river sources, guaranteeing fish.

Submitted by: Ivefan - 2008-10-03 to 334 Mid Summer

I can completly seal it of with floodgates and bridges but considering the AI thats near cheating and is a rather boring action ^^
But... River fish as in Carp?

Submitted by: Lord Dullard - 2008-11-18 to 335 Mid Summer

Pretty darn awesome! Though I'm curious.. why'd you just let the 'spillover' magma dump down into the valley instead of just building a wall around the tower? Doesn't that KILL your FPS?

Submitted by: Ivefan - 2008-11-18 to 335 Mid Summer

Been having about 20-30 fps but i never felt like the magma slowed me down anything and it's flowing slowly anyway. I think it's mostly all the stuff i've got stored.

Submitted by: DF Noob - 2008-11-19 to 335 Mid Summer

What tile/graphics set is this?

Submitted by: Ivefan - 2008-11-20 to 335 Mid Summer

It's Mike Maydays, dont remember which version.

Submitted by: lastofthelight - 2009-01-20 to 335 Mid Summer

How the heck did you excavate the entire magma shaft into a perfect square? Or, must have been a volcano, because it goes almost to the surface. Still. DAAAAMMN.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-01-20 to 335 Mid Summer

This is... well, terrifying? Must be nice and warm inside the main fort x.x

I think I'd have made circular turrents and towers and things in the main tower with crenulations and everything. Too gothic?

Submitted by: ClsfdKidd - 2010-03-08 to 335 Mid Summer

Are you certain that this fortress is 40 million dwarf bucks, and not 4 million?

Submitted by: Quietust - 2010-03-08 to 335 Mid Summer

ClsfdKidd: Considering the glowing pit tiles I see at the bottom Z-level, it looks like he's mined out quite a bit of raw adamantine, and artifact weapons/armor/furniture made from Adamantine can easily be worth several million dwarfbucks apiece.

Submitted by: Ivefan - 2010-03-14 to 335 Mid Summer

Haven't checked here for sometime now and i dont have the savefile anymore, but;
Lastofthelight: I poured water on every single level of the volcano and then dug it out

clsfdkidd & quietust: Yes, I've dug out all the adamantine on the map and processed it into fibres. Though i cannot recall now if i had any adamantine artifacts, I probably had a weapon or so. I imported all the precious gems and valuable minerals i could from the traders and masterwork items with masterwork encrusting is also rather valuable. I do belive i had a large amount of silk too, as i recall i forgot i set a tailor on repeat make silk bag. I ended up with a lot before noticing.

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