Liontower - 206 Mid Autumn by Shurikane

Map Description:

Liontower is hungry.

Liontower demands sacrifices.

And Liontower will be satisfied.

By any means necessary.

Like this one:

Point of Interest: The Drop Tower

( 206 Mid Autumn → 218 Mid Summer )

Deduk Inethmafol writes in his journal:

"Although the engineering was simple, the execution was anything but. We've actually had to stop at this level because the scaffoldings were starting to shake around in the wind. We quickly laid down a foundation of obsidian and proceeded to build the walls.

The end result is a top-feeding drop shaft with two drawbridges. The first is meant to flush the current batch down one level when the pansies who handle the beasts get too scared of the screams coming from below. The second performs the actual job. I ended up giving in to the demand of a hatch to shield citizen eyes from 'those horrible, horrible goblins.' This led to this unsightly third lever on the far end. I will kick down whoever pulls this lever without my express authorization.

We also built an auxiliary shaft in order to safely and quickly discard enemy weapons." - Shurikane

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Submitted by: Dakira - 2008-11-24 to 206 Mid Autumn

wow... that is a tall, tall drop tower. At first I didn't notice the missing 30 floors, Thanks for saving us on that monotony.
Also what are those things at the top of "Cage Alley"?

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-11-26 to 206 Mid Autumn

Thirty layers of missing tower... you get to the top and it suddenly feels very very tall :) now where I have I read about that before...

Submitted by: Doppel - 2008-11-26 to 206 Mid Autumn

Awesome fortress.
(what the? "!!!!limestone", are you serious?)

Submitted by: Doppel - 2008-11-26 to 206 Mid Autumn

Sorry for the double posting, but i was wondering something.
Can you traumatize your citizens, say a kid, by placing them beneath the sacrificial drop? Shaping their mental (well)being as it were?

Submitted by: Shurikane - 2008-11-29 to 206 Mid Autumn

Dakira: You're referring to the white things at each end? They're 1x2 drawbridges, which all raise towards the inside of the corridor.

This way, while the dorfs collect and replace cages from one, they are safe while the invaders go into another, freshly opened corridor.

[Message edited on 2008/11/29 at 01:14 by Shurikane]

Submitted by: Jack - 2008-12-20 to 208 Early Autumn

What tileset is that? I can't seem to find it anywhere...

Submitted by: ToonyMan - 2009-01-02 to 213 Mid Summer

Liontower is hungry!!

Submitted by: Markavian` - 2009-02-05 to 218 Mid Summer

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Submitted by: Markavian` - 2009-02-05 to 218 Mid Summer


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