Bustsculpted - 318 Early Spring by hactar1

Map Description:

This 18-year-old fortress is the jewel of its civilization, Obok Astel. I've accomplished pretty much everything I could hope for on this map, so I'm retiring it for now. Total created wealth is over 21,000,000, with 2.6 million for weapons, 7.3 million for armor and garb, and over 4 million held or worn. I have 250 dwarves, including 41 champion fighters (mostly guards) and 91 children. 38 artifacts have been created at Bustsculpted, and no dwarf has ever failed a mood.

**Spoiler Alert** I've dug out the Hidden Fun Stuff on this map, so don't go below level 15 or so if that's still a surprise for you.

Point of Interest: 01 - Trade depot and the Grand Dome

The last major architectural feature to be added to Bustsculpted was the Grand Dome, a 6-interior-story hollow dome that encloses the rose gold trade depot and 16 masterpiece stone statues. It is constructed entirely of felsite blocks with a roof of green glass. Atop the dome is an exceptional Adamantine statue representing a skull totem, the symbol of Obok Astel. - hactar1

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Submitted by: Jebraltix - 2009-02-14 to 318 Early Spring

I do like the name of the map.

Submitted by: Tharis - 2013-08-27 to 318 Early Spring

I like just about everything about this map.

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