Girderled - 308 Early Spring by msallen

Map Description:

My third year with a new fortress. I've had a lot of good fortune in this game, and got an early legendary armorer and in the previous winter a legendary metalsmith. Since I have ample quantities of iron, flux material, platinum, and billion (as well as coal) this has been very good.

Until now, I've been trading materials I recovered from goblin sieges and roasts created by my starting herbalist, who I lovingly trained to a great cook/brewer. I finally learned to turn my extra seeds into biscuits, which helps feed my dwarves, empty my stockpiles, and train my cook.

Stone management, as always, is a problem. Until now, I had some projects that were relatively easy. Building my four story tall red-and-white military tower was quite rewarding, but red stones are becoming rare until I can get back to my quarries, which I need a stronger military for. I also had a sandy first level to cover in yellow blocks. So now I've turned to statuary and crafted goods.

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Submitted by: msallen - 2009-03-23 to 308 Early Spring

Looks like the new OSX PPC version swaps some colors...

red = blue
turquoise = yellow
brown = aqua

Submitted by: magic dwarf - 2009-03-23 to 308 Early Spring

magma lakes?

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