Axehome - 306 Early Autumn by Fishbreath

Map Description:

Seasonal update. Notice that the fortified waterwheel building is complete (for the moment, anyway), and that the road to the edge of the map is now the only way in for wagon-based caravans.

Point of Interest: Default Location

- Fishbreath

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Submitted by: Fishbreath - 2009-03-20 to 305 Early Winter

Sieged by goblins, mid-winter 305.

~36 goblins attack, opposed by six marksdwarves and four hammerdwarves. Marksdwarves are stationed in the fortifications surrounding the entryway, while the hammerdwarves are held in reserve behind the inner drawbridge. I'd been expecting a siege, so I am able to get all the drawbridges up without stranding any dwarves.

After positioning of the military, the drawbridges go down (I'm putting some bait animals in for next time). The goblins attack, and are ripped to pieces by the traps and marksdwarves. Goblin losses are ~20, with one squad routing before even approaching the fortress.

I lost two hammerdwarves, though, due to them chasing after goblins before I wanted them to. I think I'll have to station them further back in the future so there's less temptation. Maybe behind a forbidden door, so I can spring them at just the right moment. Any suggestions?

Plans for now: dig a long tunnel with a refuse pile at the end so I can throw things away while all my dwarves are indoors. Put moats around some treed areas so I don't have to worry so much about dwarves being accosted by ambushers. Put weapon traps around the drawbridges. Continue with the fortified waterwheel building.

Plans for the long-term: build a floodable pit in front of the front gate?

Submitted by: Fishbreath - 2009-03-21 to 306 Early Spring

Sieged by goblins, early spring 306.

~48 goblins, 6 marksdwarves, 2 hammerdwarves. Marksdwarves, traps, and siege engines make short work of the attacking goblins. Hammerdwarves chase down some of the routers. No losses.

Submitted by: Maggarg - 2009-04-04 to 306 Early Autumn

Seeing all your open waterways makes me wish that canals existed in this game.

Submitted by: Fishbreath - 2009-07-29 to 306 Early Winter

There's still more to do with this fortress, but it's lost some of its luster. I've started a new one with a rather more interesting landscape which I expect I'll be playing more often.

Expect some updates from there before too much longer.

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