Towerclouted - 221 Late Summer by Quietust

Map Description:

The past 2 years have been fairly uneventful.

Dug an auxiliary reservoir above my obsidian factory which holds enough water to fill the lower level of the chamber to a depth of 5, perfect for swimming practice.

Removed the old fortifications from in front of my siege engines (since they allowed invaders to get too close, scaring away the operators) and replaced them with a new design which should work more reliably (though I haven't had a siege in a while, so they're still untested).

Built access gates to my upper and lower mining levels, mainly so I can keep my stone crafters from running all the way down there to grab all of the useless granite when there's a nearby pile of obsidian to use.

Finished digging out all of the adamantine, though a decent amount of it is still waiting to be collected once I open the gates to the lower mining level.

All standard quarters have been expanded from 1x4 to 1x5 and have 2 chests and 2 cabinets each. Nobles have also been upgraded accordingly, though my Dungeon Master refuses to put his toys away and instead leaves them strewn across the floor of his dining room. I suspect I'm going to have to move him to new unengraved quarters just so I can make them huge enough to hold all of his stuff without boosting his room value too high and upsetting the Advisor.

The Elves were slightly more useful these past two years, bringing me a black bear, a deer, a fox, and a cougar. Still hoping for a breeding pair, though not particularly optimistic.

Also atom-smashed several thousand rocks, mostly the ones I hauled out from last time.

My mayor withdrew from society several seasons ago, and his original training as a weaponsmith proved to be very profitable, allowing me to make enough high quality Adamantine war hammers and steel crossbows to replace the substandard weapons my military had previously been using for the past two decades.

Another strange mood recently netted me a legendary blacksmith, so the next project is to replace all of my low-quality silver statues with aluminum and platinum masterpieces. Said mood also netted me an artifact Adamantine door, which is going in the entrance to my main booze stockpile (between my dining rooms, right by the stairs to the entry level).

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Submitted by: _nil_ - 2009-08-23 to 232 Early Autumn

The problem isn't really the economy, it's the coins, and you can have one without the other (dwarves will just use credit cards if there is no currency)

Submitted by: Quietust - 2009-08-25 to 232 Early Autumn

I actually solved the coin problem a few days ago through some modding - I melted down all of my gold/silver/copper items (replaced the silver chains in my prison with black bronze, replaced my guards' silver swords with bismuth bronze, and relocated some of my zoo creatures out of 4 gold cages), paved a few hallways with floors using all of the remaining bars, then set their boiling points to 10000 and watched every single coin boil away in an instant (plus about a hundred silver crafts; a few were masterwork, but everyone's still ecstatic).

Some might call this cheating, but I'm justifying it in the name of lag reduction - my framerate has since risen to 30fps with temperature off (with it on, it's still unplayable at around 13-14).

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-08-31 to 237 Early Winter

It must have been fairy gold if its all boiled away.

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