Towerclouted - 223 Late Winter by Quietust

Map Description:

A lot has happened in 2 and a half years.

Installed another set of drainage pumps on the west side of the obsidian factory, draining off the edge of the map through fortifications. It works, but it's rather slow since water will only flow off the edge of the map (it can't be pumped); carving more edge fortifications should make it a bit more efficient.

Turns out my previous extensions to the siege engine fortifications weren't enough - even at 20 paces, the operators were getting scared off, so I extended them even further.

All of the raw adamantine has been gathered, though I'm saving it for the rather frequent strange moods I've been getting.

It turns out my Dungeon Master was refusing to put away his toys because the chests were located in his dining room/office - once I moved them to his bedroom, he's been putting everything away like he should. If only the Duke Consort would do the same with his 50+ earrings...

Last year, the Elves came through for me and brought a mate for my black bear, and they've been breeding slowly but surely in the newly dug spawning room. This year, however, they brought 30 bins of cloth and 2 stacks of plants, so I drowned them (so I could keep their bones and butcher their animals) and then incinerated their trade goods with lava.

The statue garden renovation was completed successfully, and in doing so I replaced the green glass statues in the central garden with clear glass. Annoyed by the irregular patterns of all the low quality tables and chairs in my dining halls, I had them all replaced with high quality clear glass.

As I had predicted, my artifact vault got full, so another one has been dug and engraved. Doesn't have a gate yet, though I can make one quickly enough.

All of the excess rocks from my shopping district have been hauled away, and the walls have been restructured to keep them better separated. Should I get bored, I've designated room to double the size of the shopping district (first there's overkill, then there's Dwarf Fortress).

Just recently completed is my Gymnasium, where my haulers can work out. What better way to pump iron than by operating iron pumps?

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Submitted by: _nil_ - 2009-08-23 to 232 Early Autumn

The problem isn't really the economy, it's the coins, and you can have one without the other (dwarves will just use credit cards if there is no currency)

Submitted by: Quietust - 2009-08-25 to 232 Early Autumn

I actually solved the coin problem a few days ago through some modding - I melted down all of my gold/silver/copper items (replaced the silver chains in my prison with black bronze, replaced my guards' silver swords with bismuth bronze, and relocated some of my zoo creatures out of 4 gold cages), paved a few hallways with floors using all of the remaining bars, then set their boiling points to 10000 and watched every single coin boil away in an instant (plus about a hundred silver crafts; a few were masterwork, but everyone's still ecstatic).

Some might call this cheating, but I'm justifying it in the name of lag reduction - my framerate has since risen to 30fps with temperature off (with it on, it's still unplayable at around 13-14).

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-08-31 to 237 Early Winter

It must have been fairy gold if its all boiled away.

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