Famousbandits - 7 Late Winter by Kallemort

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Submitted by: Fox-Of-Doom - 2009-08-10 to 7 Late Winter

Verry nice sleeping quarters. I enjoy the use of stairs most prominently. On another note, it appears wagons are currently unable to access your trading depot (unless I am mistaken)! Ramps need a wall bordering them on the side which you want users to end up on. I would suggest building a wall one tile north of each ramp.

Submitted by: Kallemort - 2009-08-16 to 7 Late Winter

The ramps actually DO work :>

Submitted by: Murray - 2009-08-24 to 12 Early Summer

Spike traps do not work like that. Sorry :(

Submitted by: Skiv - 2009-08-25 to 12 Early Summer

yup they do. Goblins or w/e are getting impaled. Which is effective :P

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