Towerclouted - 228 Late Winter by Quietust

Map Description:

Five years later...

As previously planned, the west drainage channel for the obsidian factory (when used as a drowning chamber) has been extended. I also completely drained the magma intake channel so I could install another 2 pumps for quicker filling (and smooth the walls as well).

My largely neglected execution tower has been slightly renovated, adding a 3x3 trapdoor chamber at the top from which I can drop a large number of goblins simultaneously. I've collected well over a hundred goblins from recent sieges and ambushes, and I'm looking forward to killing them off and recording a movie of the resulting carnage. I just hope I'll have enough room in my refuse pile for all of the remains...

After some consideration, I removed the chained war dogs from the outside entrance, since they always ended up getting shot to death by crossbowgoblins. The cage traps work well enough at catching ambushes, and the kobolds (which sneak right past them) run right into my inner chained war dogs and quickly get ripped to shreds.

Speaking of traps, I also reorganized the trap corridor at the entrance, moving all 30 cage traps to the right side and rebuilding all of the weapon traps on the left with 100% masterwork green glass trap components (2 of each type per trap). Over a thousand exceptional trap components were atomsmashed - I will accept nothing but the best.

The elves have continued to please me for the past 5 years, bringing me breeding partners for my alligator and fox, complete breeding pairs of grizzly bears and rhesus macaques, and a few other animals. My spawning room has been expanded considerably, though I'll need even more room if they bring deer, raccoon, wolf, groundhog, and cougar breeding partners.

In an effort to increase my FPS, I've dammed the brook at the far south end of the map where it drains. In a further effort, I've also begun a project to completely excavate the two Z-levels I mined while searching for ores and gems, then destroy all of the useless rocks. Several dozen local atom smashers will be employed for this purpose once each level has been dug out. I also removed the repeater from the cistern intake, since there was never much of a benefit from having it and it caused significant lag when it toggled (and also prevented me from reliably filling my waterfall's basin).

I also discovered that my Duchess and Duke Consort also highly prefer to store their items in their bedroom rather than their throne room/dining room, so I've moved their beds and chests/cabinets into nearby empty rooms. So far, it seems to be working. The spare large room in my common quarters level has also been employed for a similar purpose - tons of cabinets and bags have been placed, and a legendary dwarf is periodically assigned to the room in order to store his/her possessions if I happen to notice a lot of them lying around the fortress.

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Submitted by: _nil_ - 2009-08-23 to 232 Early Autumn

The problem isn't really the economy, it's the coins, and you can have one without the other (dwarves will just use credit cards if there is no currency)

Submitted by: Quietust - 2009-08-25 to 232 Early Autumn

I actually solved the coin problem a few days ago through some modding - I melted down all of my gold/silver/copper items (replaced the silver chains in my prison with black bronze, replaced my guards' silver swords with bismuth bronze, and relocated some of my zoo creatures out of 4 gold cages), paved a few hallways with floors using all of the remaining bars, then set their boiling points to 10000 and watched every single coin boil away in an instant (plus about a hundred silver crafts; a few were masterwork, but everyone's still ecstatic).

Some might call this cheating, but I'm justifying it in the name of lag reduction - my framerate has since risen to 30fps with temperature off (with it on, it's still unplayable at around 13-14).

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-08-31 to 237 Early Winter

It must have been fairy gold if its all boiled away.

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