Boatmurdered - 1051 Late Winter by timmeh

Map Description:

This is no fortress of mine, but the legendary Boatmurdered. I've downloaded all the full-map screenshots from here, and will be putting them all up here. Unfortunately, due to the way the format, size and quality of the pictures varied from ruler to ruler, some of the map uploads may be too blurry to be of much use, while other may take a long time to load, due to my having troubling getting the tile-size figured out or the picture not being centered.

The end of the first year. Journal

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Submitted by: skaltum - 2009-08-25 to 1052 Late Winter

Finally the legendary artifact map of boatmurdered

Submitted by: ToonyMan - 2009-08-25 to 1063 Late Winter

Looks yummy.

Submitted by: Demonic Spoon - 2009-08-26 to 1063 Late Winter

This...this makes Sparkgear look like a paragon of efficiency, organization and good design. It''s beautiful. I promised myself I wouldn't cry...

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Submitted by: Luke - 2009-12-03 to 1063 Late Winter

where can I get a copy to play??

Submitted by: Quietust - 2009-12-05 to 1063 Late Winter

No surviving copies of the Boatmurdered save are known to exist.

Submitted by: Kacy James Roush - 2010-01-31 to 1063 Late Winter

Awww, man... I was hoping to get an adventurer inside to go more than a little crazy. Still wrestling with controls and such, but I have REALLY high hopes for actually playing.

Submitted by: Bernd - 2010-01-31 to 1063 Late Winter

It's probably good that nobody has the save. Ungodly things would happen to that fortress if I ever put my hands on it. Armok himself would be amused.

Submitted by: Kacy James Roush - 2010-01-31 to 1063 Late Winter

Still.... it's BOATMURDERED. Who wouldn't want to at least try and reclaim it?

Submitted by: timmeh - 2010-02-05 to 1051 Late Winter

@Kacy James Roush - As awesome as it'd be, the game would probably make your computer implode when it tried to figure out how many Dwarves you would need to successfully take it back :P

Submitted by: Kacy James Roush - 2010-02-26 to 1051 Late Winter

Just one. HolisticDetective from Headshoots, in all her bag-swinging glory.

Submitted by: Tiogshi - 2011-05-25 to 1063 Late Winter

I've added a POI for those of us wandering in from Jason Pullara's Wyrmwick D&D campaign.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2011-05-26 to 1063 Late Winter

Ahh 2D DF, that brings me back... and boatmurdered none-the-less.

Submitted by: Bearskie - 2016-02-22 to 1063 Late Winter

By Armok, I've found it. The legendary artifact map of Boatmurdered indeed.

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