Flarechannel - 513 Early Summer by QuantumSawdust

Map Description:

Year 212 since the founding of FlareChannel. 235,000 + constructed blocks used in building. 250 Dwarves dead, 124 still alive. 15,000,000 acquired wealth.

After a few months of doing nothing in FlareChannel, I have recovered the save from my dead laptop and continued the work on my desktop. Finished up the mega-projects I committed myself to (Temple to Armok, Prison, Colosseum). Additionally I beefed up a lot of the weaker points of my fortress, so there are more walls where before I had a small cliff, as well as a few other additions to previous projects here and there. All in all, I got rid of the things about the fort that annoyed me, and added on some cool ideas.

Average FPS is stuck at 10, but that was way better than 5-6 I had. Turns out deleting all my non-used stockpiles helped out a ton with the FPS problem.

Current 3-D view:
A BBCode picture

Only as few cage traps as needed to catch enemies for Colosseum. No other traps.
No "shutting the dwarves in", meaning to lockable gates or drawbridges for the main entrances into the fortress. If goblins get past, it means my military made a mistake and they'll have to live with it.
6 or less marksdwarves at any time. Currently 4 in use.
All constructions must be made out of rock blocks or bars.

Point of Interest: Overview of Main Floor - 513

Newest look at main z-level of FlareChannel. You can see the shadows cast by the new Colosseum and Prison to the West, as well as the additional walls I have build to guard against the South and North-East. Most of the changes this time around were done on higher z-levels, however. - QuantumSawdust

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Submitted by: Mechanoid - 2008-12-28 to 401 Early Spring

Copperblazes 3D?

edit - also, is that a doomsday device i see? because that looks like a doomsday device.

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Submitted by: sneakeypete - 2008-12-28 to 401 Early Spring

Holy heck.

Submitted by: Maggarg - 2008-12-28 to 401 Early Spring

Any POIs?

Submitted by: QuantumSawdust - 2008-12-31 to 404 Early Spring

Sadly, no "destroy-every-living-thing-on-the-map" doomsday device (yet), but an almost complete "flood-magma-throughout-floodplain" device. Just have to build a large magma reservoir and link it to my defensive wall.
Of course, a fortress self destruct level IS on the to-do list, but first I figure it will be best to finish most other things.

Submitted by: Bert - 2008-12-31 to 404 Early Spring

This is amazing!!!
good luck with the sieges though

Submitted by: SiliconJesus - 2009-01-05 to 404 Early Spring

Very nice fort you have going here. How many years have you had it running?

Submitted by: QuantumSawdust - 2009-01-05 to 404 Early Spring

The fort was founded in 301, it just turned 103 years old in this upload.

Submitted by: juice - 2009-01-12 to 404 Early Spring

This is an extremely nice fortress, I must say. It looks perfectly organized but what can you expect out of a 103 year old fortress. :)

I was wondering why you haven't done anything with the bottomless pit yet? Any particular plans for it?

Submitted by: QuantumSawdust - 2009-01-12 to 404 Early Spring

I was just saving work on any part of the bottomless pit until I built the outside wall to it, which is what I am doing now. Currently, the wall has extended up to the pit, and after I finish the tower over the magma pipe I will add a second tower over the pit, ending the wall on that side of the fort.

Eventually I plan on implementing a sewer system through the fort that will flush any dumped items into the pit, but that's not really near the top of my to-do-list.

Submitted by: A_Fey_Dwarf - 2009-02-04 to 435 Early Autumn

Wow, looks like it could comfortably house thousands of dwarves. How much time in real life have you spent building this?
Did you really build that all out of blocks instead of raw stone?


Submitted by: QuantumSawdust - 2009-02-04 to 435 Early Autumn

I can take my laptop to work, and I take it to classes - so it pretty much runs all the time on top of whatever else I am doing. That's been since the end of August. I would just set my masons to build blocks/buildings overnight and when I went out.

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Submitted by: magic dwarf - 2009-02-04 to 435 Early Autumn

This map is insane! fav'd
It looks like you put a lot of work into this map.
my fort is just now reaching the 10,000 stone mark, which sounded impressive to me but is nothing in comparison to your fort.

Submitted by: Fedor - 2009-02-13 to 435 Early Autumn

I've seen a lot of extraordinary forts, but I've never seen anything that beats this. The scale of the workings, the age of the fort, the preposterous number of blocks, and the almost superhuman (or even superdwarven!) tenacity of the player makes this a fort for the ages.

This was deeply worth seeing. May your beard ever be stained with booze!

Submitted by: Shad0wyone - 2009-03-01 to 435 Early Autumn

Wow, this is crazy, you must be crazy. Are you secretly a dwarf or something?
No, forget that, you must be ARMOK HIMSELF!
This would be so awesome to explore in adventurer.

Submitted by: Markavian` - 2009-03-01 to 435 Early Autumn

A_Fey_Dwarf, rome was not built in a day :)

Submitted by: QuantumSawdust - 2009-03-01 to 435 Early Autumn

Unfortunately, when I copied the save file and explored in adventure mode it was slllllooooooooowww. Too slow to be any fun.
Once I finish everything, which is still quite a ways off, I'll make a save copy where I destroy almost all the boring items and such that are lagging up the game. Then it should be playable in adventure mode if anyone wishes to.

Submitted by: crash2455 - 2009-03-31 to 435 Early Autumn

You should post a 3Dwarf rendering of this. I'm certain it would be pretty epic.

Also, what kind of framerate are you getting on this fortress? I was trying to do something like this a while ago, but had to stop because the framerate dropped to about 15 fps on my high-end system (even after I used DF Companion to slaughter all the pets).

[Message edited on 2009/03/31 at 01:30 by crash2455]

Submitted by: Aldaris - 2009-04-21 to 435 Early Autumn

I don't want to bother you or anything, but are there going to be any updates on this? I'd like to see this thing reach completeness.

Submitted by: Ironhand - 2009-04-29 to 404 Early Spring

This is the most spectacular thing I think I've ever seen. Jolly splendid work, old sport. You inspire us all.

Submitted by: QuantumSawdust - 2009-05-03 to 435 Early Autumn

I do plan to update this over the summer. I have currently cleared out a huge portion of the side of the mountain, have built the supports to my Temple to Armok to about 7 stories (will be 15-20), and have built up the base supports for my prison compound and colosseum. However, progress hasn't continued for the past month or so for 2 reasons.
First, FPS is down to 6/7, even after trying every trick I can think of. Secondly, I'm taking 25 units in college, and have 2 jobs. I should start again mid-June. I still plan to finish it, so long as FPS doesn't drop much lower. I'll certainly finish at least my current projects.

Submitted by: Tiogshi - 2009-09-15 to 435 Early Autumn

I couldn't make a fortress like this even if my dwarves had speed=1 and didn't need to sleep. If I didn't have to sleep, maybe it'd be different.

You are a god(des?) amongst insects.

Submitted by: trip - 2009-09-27 to 435 Early Autumn

holy hell this is giving me a headache just looking at it.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-10-21 to 513 Early Summer

Waahhh... that 3D render... x.x
Simply stunning. From that angle it almost looks like a theme park.

Submitted by: tehsid - 2009-10-22 to 513 Early Summer

Just wanted to say this is one of the most epic forts I've ever seen. Thanks for taking the time to share it! I hope that one day, I can make something as epic and organized.

Submitted by: Zruku - 2009-10-28 to 513 Early Summer

Holy, shit. Good job at making all my forts feel like an unremarkable hole in the ground...

Submitted by: Aldaris - 2009-11-10 to 513 Early Summer

I salute you, for you have achieved what many a dwarf could not even dream of, this is not a mere fortress, this is a mountainhome of mountainhomes. Even the mighty Nist Akath is little more than a hole in the icy ground compared to this symbol of Dwarfkind.

Once again, I salute you, this is what all aspiring expedion leaders should strive for. Thank you for showing this to us.

Submitted by: Charrat - 2009-11-29 to 513 Early Summer

The thought and effort on display here is amazing. I stared in awe at the colourful, circular constructions. I let out a gasp when I saw your two-floor enbalconied bedrooms. I had shed a single tear when I witnessed the slow, deliberate crawl of the spiral tower through all of its z-level-spanning glory.

Stunning and unforgettable.

Submitted by: Put - 2010-01-02 to 513 Early Summer

My God.

Submitted by: Fred Bernd - 2010-11-14 to 513 Early Summer

This is the best damn Fortress I have ever seen.
Flarechannel is an inspiration to us all and QuantumSawdust is one of the best examples of people we know are better than us at Dwarf Fortress.

Submitted by: CycloneDusk - 2011-12-17 to 513 Early Summer

This is what it looks like when you WIN Dwarf Fortress.

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