Project Superbowl - 890 Early Summer by Shurikane

Map Description:

Project Superbowl is well underway, its intents obvious but its progression marred by countless ambushes - sometimes as many as eight in a single go! - and so far, five megabeasts who have attempted and ALMOST destroyed the entire fort in their wrath. Thankfully, the fort holds on, despite casualties of over 235 in dwarves, kin merchants and some named creatures. But, we have killed far more than we've lost, as proven by the 5516 bones littered across wherever we find space.

There's just so much action we don't have time to cleanup outside, and the loot is piling up right beneath our eyes, ready to be taken!

Point of Interest: Into The Flames

The trade depot provides meatshielding to passing dwarves, allowing foreign warriors to take in most of the incoming onslaughts - and Armok knows we need all the help we can get. In the event of a catastrophe, drawbridges retract and the community plans its next - and often inevitable - move. - Shurikane

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Submitted by: Zruku - 2009-11-01 to 890 Early Summer

I love the whippit, I'm going to use that combined with 1x1 retracting bridges so I can have my enemies bounce around AND get whipped to death.

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