Project Superbowl - 895 Mid Spring by Shurikane

Map Description:

We, the Crucifixion of Flesh, will not be deterred by those mighty beasts, however fearsome they are. Despite the ten thousand bones we have collected, despite the three megabeasts waiting outside our doors, poised to see our new drawbridge come to completion, we will prevail and persevere.

Nothing, I say NOTHING can stop Project Superbowl.

Point of Interest: Project Hostage

In preparation for the megabeast not-so-much-of-an-onslaught, we took our precautions.

First, after a meeting, we elected to move the new trade depot inside, and build it out of bauxite out of knowledge of the magma wyrm's rather boiling breath and cause of the last trade depot's demise. We have also chosen to make minor updates to our cage and weapon alley.

But, the meat comes in the form of Project Hostage, a field of iron and steel spikes that is to surround the trade depot all the way to the trap alleys, lever-activated for maximum effect. To supplement, several fortifications for archers, pit failsafes, and lockdown mechanisms to protect the community and let the traders deal with the mess.

The corridor will be sealed as soon as the preparations are complete...

We have also finally decided that letting carcasses rot outside was too much of a danger; thus, we carved a series of fermentation chambers for the chunks and undesirable parts to rot away without releasing toxic miasma into the meeting halls. - Shurikane

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Submitted by: Zruku - 2009-11-01 to 890 Early Summer

I love the whippit, I'm going to use that combined with 1x1 retracting bridges so I can have my enemies bounce around AND get whipped to death.

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