Project Superbowl - 900 Mid Autumn by Shurikane

Map Description:

Project Superbowl has ground to a halt.

Every caravan has been demolished. Every incoming wave of immigrants has been slaughtered. No one knows of the traps that lay around our fortress. We can only sit and wait to form our own salvation. We can only train, train and train some more, in the hope that our express course on the mastery of weapons will be able to unseal the vault we have carved.

The megabeast count hovers between five and seven. Six are present. The seventh, we saw its corpse at the foot of the mountain through the battalions. Its killer is unknown. Only legends will know and tell.

We prepare our gear, fully clad in fine chain mail from the dungeon master.

Today, we march forth and open the way to the sun.

Point of Interest: Son of a Bitch...

It's useless. A steel colossus has set up camp inside the trade hall. A magma wyrm has followed suit and promptly melted away all the mechanisms that held the glory of Project Hostage into place. We have to reinstall nigh everything.

We unleashed bolt after bolt upon the beasts, but to our horror, both regenerated faster than we could shoot. Not even eight marksdwarves could sufficiently damage the magma wyrm for it to suffer even one injury for any more than five minutes.

See the big cloud of steam over there?

That's him.


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Submitted by: Zruku - 2009-11-01 to 890 Early Summer

I love the whippit, I'm going to use that combined with 1x1 retracting bridges so I can have my enemies bounce around AND get whipped to death.

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