Project Cube - 245 Early Summer by Shurikane

Map Description:

Total value: 68,699,841
Population: 185
Engravings: ~780,000

Point of Interest: This is Project Cube

BADABOOM! - Shurikane

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Submitted by: snaggles - 2009-12-11 to 244 Early Winter

At first, I assumed that you had just used reveal.
Then I zoomed in.
So what's the architectural value of this fort?

Submitted by: huesoo - 2009-12-21 to 245 Early Summer

I dont get it?

Submitted by: Doomshifter, Kobold in Disguise - 2009-12-23 to 245 Early Summer

Huesoo, the point is that THE ENTIRE MAP FELL DOWN

Submitted by: SiliconJesus - 2009-12-24 to 245 Late Summer

What was embark size?

Submitted by: sono - 2009-12-28 to 245 Early Summer

Is this a giant, generated maze?

Submitted by: Shurikane - 2009-12-29 to 245 Late Summer

Re: SiliconJesus

Default, 5x5.

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