Silverwaters - 67 Early Spring by Silfurdreki

Map Description:

The lake is finally complete! The dwarves of Silverwaters finally have had their dream of an underwater fortress fulfilled!

Also new since the last update is the statue garden (including two artifact obsidian grates!) on top of the dining hall, and the lake fishing platform that it connects to. Also the housing block is now almost fully inhabited, there's a couple of empty rooms, but not many.

Now, what's left is to build the (future) Queen's palace on top of the housing block and to widen and decorate the road to the fortress. Also, of course general decorating, putting up statues and so on.

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Submitted by: RavingManiac - 2009-07-07 to 23 Early Spring

Nice looking fort. I see you dammed the rivers using magma. Clever, never would have thought of that myself.

Also, do you have the seed used to generate that world? It looks interesting.

Submitted by: Silfurdreki - 2009-07-11 to 35 Late Spring

These sort of environments usually crop up around where smaller streams meet any major rivers, the hard part is finding such a place with a magma pipe, as it's very hard to dam such a large river without magma.

Glass production would be virtually impossible without magma as well. At least at this scale.

As for the seed, I do have it. Try here.

Edit: messed up the url

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-07-11 to 35 Late Spring

Really nice fort, well engineered. I like the pods that you've created and the general layout. The colour scheme is pretty sweet as well.

Submitted by: ajr_ - 2009-08-14 to 44 Late Spring

Now that's a sadistic sort of dam - I see no lift for the fish! Gorgeous fort though, and the magma dam is cool.

Submitted by: Chromie - 2009-10-08 to 54 Early Spring

Wow I'm impressed! I'm snatching the seed to play around with the map myself :)

Submitted by: Staticwolf - 2009-11-14 to 57 Early Winter

Kinda off topic, but what graphics pack is that?

Submitted by: Silfurdreki - 2009-12-03 to 57 Early Winter

It's Dorten's smooth walls tileset, from the wiki.

Submitted by: Retro - 2010-01-14 to 65 Early Autumn

Hey, Silverwaters has made more progress! I've been keeping my eye on this - still a gorgeous, well laid-out fort. Can't wait to see it with the lake full.

Submitted by: Noble Digger - 2010-01-14 to 65 Early Autumn

I'm a huge fan of the suspended green glass fort, love your dam as well.

Submitted by: Retro - 2010-01-25 to 67 Early Spring

It's full! This continues to be a terrific fort all around. It's already impressive that you pulled off the underwater fort challenge, much less doing it with the amount of style you did. Well done sir.

Submitted by: EricBlank - 2010-01-25 to 67 Early Spring

If i had a magma pipe around a river, in a valley, major or not, I would also attempt this, but I lack confidence in my skills as a planner and would likely drown them all. I didn't know green glass was magma-proof, which is extremely useful. I'm done importing bauxite now. I also like the underwater pressurized access with the walkway going through it.

Looks like some poor miner drowned down on the bottom floor.

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Submitted by: Silfurdreki - 2010-01-26 to 67 Early Spring

@ Retro
Thank you! Honestly, for me dwarf fortress is all about building stylish fotresses, and it's really good to hear that someone else than myself thinks what I build is looking good. It's even better to get compliments from one building fortresses as beautiful as yours.

@ EricBlank
Actually, all constructions are magma proof, you could build a magma channel from ice and it would hold. other buildings (chairs, doors and so forth) melt if magma occupies the same tile as them, so a door made of wood is magma safe as long as it's closed, once opened, it will burn up. The same goes for mechanisms in buildings (hence the importance of Bauxite).

Also, that is not a miner, that's one of the fortress guard that dodged into the well while sparring in the sleeping barracks -.- (can't wait to be able to designate separate military and civilian barrackses (?) in the next version)

Submitted by: Kirurist - 2010-01-27 to 67 Early Spring

This is nothing but amazing

Submitted by: [deleted] - 2010-01-29 to 67 Early Spring

Incredible. I love everything about this fortress. I've actually been following it's progress for quite some time. Funny enough, what with the entire fortress being submerged, my favorite point on this whole map are your jails. Something about how tight and packed into the layout it is makes it look great.

Submitted by: Rotten - 2010-02-01 to 67 Early Spring

That is simply amazing. Can I ask how you ever expand the fort (if you do)? Is there a way to drain teh lake? I see two pumps in the dam but they seem way to small to drain that whole lake, plus you would still have a river to deal with.

fakeedit: Oh, upsteam dam. Still must take forever to drain the lake though. Also, carp must have been murderous in this fort's early years. Talking about early years, where did you put everyone before the fort was being built? Whenever I try megaproject forts everybody dies before I even place a stone because I don't want to mar the landscape with temporary lodgings.

Submitted by: Silfurdreki - 2010-02-02 to 67 Early Spring

@ Rotten: The maps from earlier in the fortress' history is uploaded here, but I'll answer anyway.

There are no plans to expand the fortress any more in the lake, only above and possibly below, but there is an emergency lake drain. The southern dam has four floodgates that should drain the lake pretty quickly, since it's basically a huge pressurised cistern.

The temporary lodgings can be seen in the z-level underneath the lowest housing level (it's basically just a muddy cavern). They serve as transit to the southern mines nowadays, but they were inhabited for quite long, the last dwarves moved out as late as around year 60. The above-ground remnants have long since been dug away to make room for the lake.

Carp were not [f]that[/f] bad, I had a wall around the temporary settlement, and when the river drained, they all air-drowned.

Submitted by: alcoholdependent - 2011-04-14 to 67 Early Spring

This is my favorite fortress ever.

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