Balanced Wheels - 306 Mid Spring by squirrelwizard

Map Description:

Well, the tower cap farm is constructed, I've made a safe drinking/fishing area on the underground river.

We had our first two sieges, which claimed the lives of a couple merchants and a hammer dwarf. Currently the goblins are laying siege again, but I locked them out as my goblin incenerator isn't finished.

I also managed to luck myself into a breeding pair of cave crocs. (which was a pain in the ass because the wild cave crocs have killed more dwarves than goblins.)

I'm now working on my goblin incenerator (also my elf incenerator) and I'll probably be expanding my living quarters some.

Population: 105
Casualties: 28

Point of Interest: Tower Cap Farm

This is the first story of my 3 story tower cap farm. when flooding is needed, teh bridges to the south lower letting the underground river flow in. It takes a while to flood, but isn't too slow. - squirrelwizard

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Submitted by: Set_Beadra - 2010-03-04 to 306 Mid Spring

What tileset are you using? It's nice looking.

Submitted by: squirrelwizard - 2010-03-05 to 306 Mid Spring

the Ranting Rodent tileset from the forums.

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