Notchedportals - 1054 Late Summer by Obsidian

Map Description:

My latest fort, I successfully got a pump stack up and running to transport water up several z-levels for my first time. The water wheels powering the thing just got smashed by some idiot titan who then proceeded to get himself stuck in the lower maintenance level of the stack, then he flooded the bottom and is presently chilling there.

Without further ado, Notchedportals!

Point of Interest: Fortress Entrance

( 1054 Late Summer → onwards )

I built a small "house" around the entrance: that is to say, I walled it off, put a roof over it, and called it a day. You can see the unfinished trade depot area behind it, which was rudely interrupted by our titan friend. - Obsidian

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Submitted by: Tobel - 2010-08-30 to 1054 Late Summer

I like the reservoir fed system you have there. I've yet to really try any pump stackage.

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