Twistanvils - 503 Early Spring by Caranha

Map Description:

In the second year of Twistanvil, the dwarves breached the first and second cavern layers, and found a Magma Pipe leading all the way down to the Magma sea. They are proceeding to wall the Magma Pipe away from the rest of the caverns to the best of their abilities, before moving the forges into the underground.

Point of Interest: Overview of Lv 0

While the Red Wall is not complete, the entrance to the fortress has been walled off, and the foundations of the main gatehouse have been prepared.

A second squad of Fortress Guards is being trained near the Gatehouse while the first squad protects the masonry work underground. - Caranha

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Submitted by: EvanJr. - 2011-01-07 to 503 Early Spring

How many people live in the fortress? What do you have planned next?

Submitted by: Caranha - 2011-01-08 to 504 Early Spring

Hey! About 70 dwarves live in the fortress currently.

My current plan is to finish the double Kaolinite wall all around the fortress, but this will take some time. Along with that, I need to explore the second cavern level (where a Forgotten Beast lives) in order to find a renewable source of water.

Of course there are many more plans, but those are the two most immediate ones.

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