The first Skydwarf flight by KhimaeraUK

Movie Description:

"It was launch day for 'The Oaken Bolt'. This would be the first ever flight by our highly trained Skydwarf; an event which would officially open Counselkey as the unique, primary centre of Skydwarfing research and development.

Many dwarves came to witness the spectacle, but were so nervous that the floor of the launch level was coated with vomit (even more than usual). Even the brave pilot herself bathed her craft in green slime. As time came for launch she boldly saluted and pulled the release lever.

At first all we saw was a giant cloud of dust. We thought she'd secretly modified the experimental craft and accelerated at an alarming rate! An enormous cheer went up from the crowd! She'd done it!

Soon after we heard a crash which rocked the very foundations of the fortress; the screams from below.

A ten floor drop can really separate a dwarf from herself.

An official enquiry into the cause of this terrible accident is still under way, headed by the SICK (Skydwarf Indepedant Crash inspeKshun). Regardless, construction into the new Skydwarf facilities has started, beginning with the “Skydwarf Dynamics Verticator” to investigate the aerodynamicity of Dwarves, cats, donkeys...”

Best viewed at 200fps

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Submitted by: TigerPlushie - 2009-01-16

Hah! i love how the collapsing floor imprinted a silhouette of the "airplane" into the ground. Cartooney!

Submitted by: Lorondo - 2009-01-28

Awesome vid

Submitted by: Dom - 2009-07-30

Nice, best viewd at 300fps though. All hail the skydwarves! May their research lead us into a new age.

Submitted by: Bloodbeard - 2009-07-30

I like all the vomit better :D

Submitted by: KenboCalrissian - 2009-11-11

There was so much force from the impact that Logem's head and left upper leg shot through the sand wall into the room behind.


Submitted by: KhimaeraUK - 2010-08-05

Yeh, sorry about the slowness of the video (first attempt!). Seeing this again has re-inspired me though :P Thanks for the comments guys.


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