Child-B-Q by Kanddak

Movie Description:

A bunch of children take a magma bath.

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Submitted by: Sir_Geo - 2009-03-01

This is an epic day for DF players, no more shall we have to deal with children and kittens that have adopted those children *exits to build his own*

Submitted by: Bromor - 2009-03-01

You're going straight to Hell for this video.

Save me a spot by the fire, because I'm going too for laughing maniacally at this video.

Submitted by: ToonyMan - 2009-03-01

Couldn't wait 12 years, could ya'?

Submitted by: magic dwarf - 2009-03-01

I want my baby back ribs.

Submitted by: Noble Digger - 2009-03-02

Well done, lad! Now let's go to the meeting hall and set fire to the Urists' beards!

Submitted by: banna - 2009-03-04

I take it those were the ones that no one wanted.

Submitted by: Llama - 2009-06-25

Couldn't stop laughing...


Submitted by: 6564563 - 2009-06-28

How did you get the children to go there?

I can't wait for burrows, this will be so much easier.

Submitted by: Kanddak - 2009-07-19

6564563: The z-level above has a bridge which children must cross to reach a room full of constructed floors, which I order deconstructed while all adults are busy on stone-dumping projects. When they run onto the bridge to go remove the construction, I lock the doors at each end and drop them onto the main execution platform you see used in the video. See this POI.


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?