Slowest damned FPS ever. by Retro

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This is fifteen minutes (I kid you not) of real-time translated to a DF recording.

I've been trying to carve out a rather large space for the last four months, and it's pretty much all been at this speed. It actually takes quite a few seconds for even the designations to change frame, and about twenty seconds for the game to unfreeze after I hit pause. Yeesh. My laptop's heat vent spews flame.

Yeah, they're moving at SPEED:0. Can you blame me? In real-time they're still moving at speeds reminiscient of when I had 5 FPS, before I tapped the raws to get dwarven flash-step.

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Submitted by: Retro - 2010-02-08

Just did the math, and 900 seconds of real-time translated to 4 seconds of video means my DF is running 225x slower than normal speed.

Submitted by: Quietust - 2010-02-09

Running with dwarves at [SPEED:0] may actually be reducing your framerate even further, solely from the increased frequency of pathfinding calls.

Submitted by: Retro - 2010-02-09

Huh... Thanks, I'll try that out. I'm going to feel extremely stupid if that's what was causing the slowdown :

Ed- Well, I got FPS up to 1 (which is actually a lot), but in real time they move a bit slower without the speed boost. I'm gonna stick with SPEED:0

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Submitted by: blur - 2010-02-14

That's nothing. I've started an controlled cave-in in an area of 200 x 300 tiles and over 5 z-levels. On the highest z-level were 270.000 stones (I dug the whole part of the map until the lowest z-level). The computer needed 30 minutes for the cave-in and 15 more minutes for the dust.

Submitted by: Retro - 2010-02-15

I don't mean incidental FPS from causing something to happen, I mean active FPS from the usual activity of the fort. The title is hyperbole, admittedly, but doing the math in my head I think if the video's operating at 100FPS for four seconds, that puts my framerate there at about 0.11 frames a second. If we're talking incidental FPS, in this same fort I dug out and collapsed first 20 layers of dug out stone in a somewhere-around-150-by-100 space and then another 24 later, not to mention the other digging I've done. I'd guess I've dug out about 800,000 stone on the map altogether, most of which I subsequently destroyed. The collapse for the first one took maybe a little over an hour? It's been a few months and I'm not sure anymore. But for quite a while I thought I broke my computer.

The point is, FPS while actively running a fort is different than FPS from doing something big like controlled cave-ins (which, on a large scale, slows down everyone's computers - search Shurikane's Project Cube for the most intense of these), and this video relates to the former.


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