27 z-level open drop pod by Bloodbeard

Movie Description:

Dwarf volunteers to be dropped 27 z-levels and lives, without injury.

She had 11 levels of water to land into which seems to be the minimum amount needed to survive without injury at this height. 9 is survivable but with guarunteed injuries and some chance of death.

Warning: This dwarf has chuck norris level toughness and was wearing masterful adamantine armour. Try this with your average dwarf and they WILL be crippled horribly.

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Submitted by: Gorund N. - 2011-09-26

Being that dwarf would've been such a thrill.. Standing atop a physically impossible tower, to be dropped hundreds of feet into a small tube filled with water! Then seeing a door and poening it, the water flooding out of the door, pushing you to the ground. Your adamantine armour deflecting the it. You stand up and look around. And be comforted by the lovely waterfall!

Only in Dwarf Fortress


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