Fractal Bedroom Macro by Valdemar

Movie Description:

This is a demonstration of my Fractal bedroom macro. I used Alt-C to create the main complex, then Alt-B to create the extra block off to the side.

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Submitted by: Valdemar - 2007-12-25

Note - The macro is MUCH faster than it looks in the video - in reality, it is done in about 1 minute, not the 4 the video somehow became.

Submitted by: Markavian` - 2007-12-26

That is fantastic, truely. I put the movie player rate up to 1000 for bonus speed. When DF records CMVs it records every frame with a minimum delay time between each frame, so its not realistic of the actual game speed.

Submitted by: Percy - 2008-03-27

Wow, really cool.

Submitted by: Quotemarx - 2008-04-03

Looks pretty neat (although I noticed that some of the commands are suboptimal)

Submitted by: Edward - 2008-04-26

Uh... since your FPS is running at 300 cap, as opposed to the 100 that DF records, the time difference is easily explained.

Submitted by: DanielLC - 2009-03-20

Valdemar's userpage has been changed since he uploaded this video and it no longer mentions this macro. See


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?