Making water from ice by Smaug Capello

Movie Description:

Survival under the glacier : making water from ice by caving in a big block of it through several levels.

I am still trying to figure how ice melts into water in the middle of the cave-in but freezes on the sides of the cistern.

I wonder if water would have been sealed in ice if I didn't dig two tiles for doors in a wall on the deepest level...

(On second thought, it may be because I kept a two-tiles-wide set of stairs.)

Thanks to Dumbo and Arven for revealing the trick on the Glacier Outpost thread from the bay12games forum

As Arven says :
"The trick I've learned for making your reservoir is this- make the pit as deep as however many levels you are trying to collapse. (so for 3 levels of ice have a pit 3 levels deep)."

Here I had four layers of ice, so I did a four-level deep cistern plus one empty level, just in case.

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Submitted by: Smaug Capello - 2008-02-21

Only the first forty seconds are really relevant to the topic.

By the way, does anyone know any means to edit .cmv movies ?

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Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?