run kitty! by Daedalus

Movie Description:

stray cat being chased by a titan and leaping(?) to safety only to be caught and smooshed

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Submitted by: Markavian` - 2008-04-13

Kittttyyy! Come back!

Submitted by: mattmoss - 2008-04-15

Man, that Titan was a bastard. Killing a lame cat. Bet the boys around the Titan water cooler will think he's awesome now.

Submitted by: Darksaiyan - 2008-04-21

I really think the cat stole the Titan's finger or something, cos he was really pissed.

Submitted by: Corona688 - 2008-11-02

It is hilariously pathetic to watch a titan chasing a cat, and needing two tries to even manage that.


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