Last Stand? by MastaODisasta

Movie Description:

As Faithfulaxe descended into insanity, a goblin marksman ambush appeared, apparently to clean up the remaining dwarves in the fortress. They quickly took care of the Elf traders who were nearby and moved towards my fort. I decided this was the place for a last stand. Well, it turns out only my champion showed up and just completely recked the goblin's shit, much to my surprise.

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Submitted by: MastaODisasta - 2008-06-01

Skip to 55 seconds for the good part.

Submitted by: Darkie - 2008-07-18

Damn, that was such a matrix rooftop moment...

Submitted by: pharoah - 2008-09-17

dam. hes a bloody brute!

Submitted by: Shurikane - 2009-04-14

I played the Matrix Lobby Scene tune through this fight. And it made things even more awesome.


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