Trapping SoF with Adamantium attempt by Drunken_Gun

Movie Description:

My previous SoF movie did not conclusively prove that the ceiling-drop method is SoF ineffective because I had used steel cage traps and stone mechanisms, both of which melt when SoF are nearby. I had triggered the collapse before the traps began to melt so I was doubtful that adamantium would make a difference but I didn't start these experiments to leave anything open to speculation so here's another movie. Apparently the SoF temperature is the same as the melting point of adamantium so there was conjecture as to whether adamantium would melt or not. The answer is that SoF will not melt adamantium, raw or processed (in other tests I've left them sitting on the adamantium cages for much longer than you see here). I used raw adamantium for the mechanisms in the cage traps, the movie starts on the stone screen for those who might not know how to make that possible. The trap room is the same one as the previous movie, just modified for the smaller number of cages. I changed the initial door corridor to have animals in there to get maximum ambush detection to better time the cave-in. Also, in all of these tests the demon always dies very quickly to the SoF. If Toady intends to have them act as the leaders of the SoF he may want to make them survive standing next to one. And lastly, no, there was no way to save that unlucky miner. I felt a twinge of guilt.

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-10-07

What did the water do, if anything?

Submitted by: Drunken_Gun - 2009-11-14

The water did nothing but evaporate almost instantaneously and without producing much steam. I was disappointed.

Submitted by: Christes - 2009-11-22

I like how your cook is preparing meals during the whole SoF affair like nothing is going on.

Submitted by: apple - 2009-12-03

Wait, that's a perfect use for SoF's should anyone be able to catch them... Radiators! Air conditioners! With a box around them with sufficient space to keep things from burning you could pour a steady stream of water onto them and with enough of these boxes placed strategically you could keep the entire fortress in a permanent mist thus producing happiness!

I'm gonna go try and harvest me some SoF.

Submitted by: Quietust - 2009-12-03

Steam != mist.

Also, this movie proves pretty conclusively that it isn't possible to capture SoF in cages using cave-in dust. The only other possibility would be to use giant cave spider silk webs, and it's likely that they'd just burn them up.


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